Milkshot Portion Controlled Milk Dispenser - CALL FOR PRICING

A high volume portion-controlled milk dispenser with under-counter refrigerated bulk


  • Eliminates milk wastage
    While delivering accurate portion sizes
  • Reduces plastic packaging by over 70%*
    Uses standard BIB milk bags or churns*Compared with milk supplied in 2 litre plastic cartons.
  • Speeds up serving times
    With its automated push-button operation
  • Manufactured in the UK


Milkshot also conforms to HACCP guidelines as tested by Leatherhead Research Food Science Laboratory, UK. 


Dispense Unit Specifications

  • Portion control on each outlet, 3 volumes programmable
  • Volume of portion accurate to within ±1%
  • Also operates on free-flow
  • Interlock on programming mode
  • Laminar flow outlet nozzles to ensure no frothing of milk
  • Automated clean and rinse cycle, required every 24 hours
  • Locks out after four hours of no dispensing - for food hygiene compliance
  • Integrated drip tray - 3 sizes available
  • Option for jug washer, including drain kit

Fridge Unit Specifications

  • Milk supply options - 3 x 13.6 litre pergal bags or 2 x 10 litre stainless steel churns
  • Universal dispense tube connector (patent pending) for all makes of BIB
  • High performance commercial refrigeration system, fan assisted condenser and evaporator
  • Digital temperature control covering ideal milk temperature storage range of 4°c to 6°c
  • Automatic condensate removal
  • Dimensions: 850mm height x 600mm width x 550mm depth (interchangeable with standard catering fridge units)



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