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Tone Swiss NITRO Dispenser

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Tone Swiss NITRO Dispenser

TONE Nitro Solution - Nitro Sensation on tap!

The TONE Nitro 25 machine works in unison with the Touch 01 & 02 brewers to deliver a total solution that generates a wow factor and is the perfect way of meeting the increasing demands of the consumer. When combined with the TONE Touch 01/02, there is scope to deliver a cold beverage menu that has complete autonomy over what is being produced.

This allows beverages to be created that are:

  • Cheaper to produce
  • Clearer on traceability and sustainability
  • Healthier, fresher and of a higher quality

The addition of nitrogen enriches your iced beverages by giving it a smooth, velvety texture with a foamy surface. Whether used for making refreshing iced coffee and tea beverages or sophisticated cocktail creations, the fine nitrogen bubbles interact with the taste buds and bring more natural aromas to the forefront. It incorporates an integrated cooler and uses nitrogen from the air instead of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders to deliver maximum performance in gastronomic operations in the most simplified and efficient way.



Product Characteristics:

  • Nitro coffee and tea on tap
  • Uses nitrogen from the air instead of nitrogen from the bottle
  • Integrated flow-type cooler
  • Compact and clear design: fits on every counter
  • Plug & play solution
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Comes with customized 5 liter plug & play canister with long preservation function (no UHT for iced brewed beverages needed, cooled liquids can be kept in canister up to 7 days)



Model NITRO 25
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d) 320 x 260 x 627
Weight 23.5 kg
Power 220V | 50Hz
Output Capacity approx. 40l/h
Cooling Agent
Consumption 300W


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