Ditting KFA 1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder

£5,583.55 VAT Included

Ditting KR 1403 Coffee Grinder

The trend is moving clearly towards customer-specific coffee blends ground in small quantities. This fact requires above-average flexibility from you. Large, industrial-type grinders cannot handle this task quickly and efficiently.

That is why the KFA1403 is the machine for you. It is fitted with a 22lb capacity hopper, features a special device that regulates the inflow of beans and has an outlet extension tube.

For small- to medium-sized roasters looking for an industrial-sized grinder for high volume and speed, Ditting's special model KFA1403 (with accessories) is a great alternative to the larger KF1800 model.

If you are considering a KF1800, here are some options that using two KFA1403 grinders may provide:

  • Two KFA1403 units are the same price as one KF1800 unit and can provide the same output.
  • Offers flexibility in grinding: allows you to grind smaller volumes for two separate customers at two different grind settings simultaneously (when using two units).
  • Provides a back-up grinder during maintenance periods.
  • Easy to move to a new location should business needs change.
  • If you will be grinding a large volume of Turkish coffee, the KFA1403 will be a better fit.


  • Specially developed motors allowing high grinding speed at all grind adjustment steps
  • Preservation of coffee’s unique aroma thanks to uniform, gentle and cool grinding made possible by a built-in fan and specially sharpened burrs
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Precision burrs made of high-quality wear-resistant material
  • Very easy to maintain and to clean
  • Two KFA1403 units are just under the price of one Ditting KF1800 unit and can provide the same output 


Voltage // frequencies // phases // nominal power:

220v / 60Hz / 3-Phase

RPM: 1400 rpm (50 Hz)
Burr diameter:  140 mm
Burr material: Steel
Average grinding capacity: 2,200+ g/min
Bean hopper capacity: approx. 10kg 
Dimensions (w x h x d): 317.50 x 939.80 x 406.40 mm
Net weight: 43 kg
Gross weight: 47 kg
Watt: 1100-1600 W

What does "KFA" Refer to? A Ditting KFA model features an automatic bag clamp (no bag shaking unit). A "KR" model features a manual bag clamp (with bag shaking unit)


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