Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Coffee Grinder

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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Coffee Grinder

Ditting designs its grinding solutions for caterers, industrial applications and the vending sector with Swiss precision down to the last detail. As the global leader on the field of customized built-in grinders for sophisticated fully automatic coffee machines, Ditting continues to grow by being always one technological step ahead of the competition.

807 Lab Sweet

The sleek 807 Lab Sweet delivers the speed and reliability of Ditting’s 804 series with an all-new design and features! It is the only 807 model that is equipped with premium cast steel burrs, featuring a special grinding teeth geometry. These burrs ensure an optimal particle size spread within the grounds in order to achieve a consistent extraction and more sweetness inside the cup.

The 807 Lab Sweet can grind up to 1 lb of coffee per minute, up to 5 lbs per session and is recommended for up to 30 lbs per day. It comes equipped with an Extended Range Gear (also known as the Cold Brew Gear) which offers a grind range between approximately 300 microns up to approximately 1,200 microns. Featuring a stepless adjustment, you can stop at any point on the dial-in between.

It is also equipped with an adjustable tray that can also be flipped up and out of the way when grinding into a coffee bag.

The true secret of this machine, and the origin of its name, is the grinding discs themselves. Made of a slightly different composite than other Ditting grinders, the metal composition of the grinding discs brings out the sweetness of the coffee.

With close to zero retention, the 807 Lab Sweet is the perfect grinder for the lab, grinding into cups and bowls, and it's perfect for a pour-over bar or other retail settings where you might grind into a filter, coffee bag, or other small containers.


  • Premium cast steel burrs featuring a special burr geometry for the highest precision
  • Perfect particle sizes and -shapes for excellent extraction results and more sweetness inside the cup
  • Extra-wide range of grind size adjustments from Turkish fine up to very coarse (cold brew)
  • High-end bag clamping lever and knocker unit guaranteeing minimal retention on the slide
  • Characteristic anodized aluminium adjustment wheel for convenient and accurate setting
  • Height-adjustable, foldable and removable table for flexible positioning of the coffee grounds container or a bag
  • Stainless steel coffee grounds container for optimal handling
  • Durable high-performance motor with a high average performance of 450 grams per minute
  • Temperature management with two active fans for steadily high performance grinding at significantly lower temperature
  • Acceptably quiet grinding sound for minimal customer impairment
  • Quickly removable bean hopper and magnetic drip tray for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Compact footprint ensuring the efficient use of valuable working space
  • Elegant shaping and high-class materials reflecting the highly esteemed Ditting standards



Voltage // frequencies // phases // nominal power:


RPM: 1400 rpm (50 Hz); 1700 rpm (60 Hz)
Burr diameter:  80 mm
Burr material: Premium cast steel
Average grinding capacity: 450 g/min
Bean hopper capacity: approx. 1100 g
Dimensions (w x h x d): 228.60 x 558.80 x 304.80 mm
Net weight: 21 kg
Gross weight: 25 kg


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